Motherhood Stuffs: Spare Room at the house, DIY

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spare Room at the house, DIY

Spare rooms in the house usually happen when the kids are all grown up and have their own family. Parents who are still alive and healthy would like to use the spare rooms at home and would like to transform it into something they can enjoy or even the kids will enjoy when they visits their parent’s home.

Another great idea is to have the house transitions into something livable.  It may take a while for the renovation, but you know that the sooner you will enjoy the new room in the house.

I shared a few photos from the website that inspire me so much. I hope in time when you have spare rooms, you can always have options to make it something you wish you have now. 


  1. I have a "spare room" in my house and we turned it into our office, it does need some love and these are wonderful photos for inspiration!

  2. I wish I had the extra room to have a spare bedroom lol I would have alot of fun decorating it!

  3. I always wanted a library. would probably great to do on a spare bedroom.


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