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Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Christmas Lantern

I bet it is always normal to feel this way, especially when you knew that Christmas, and the New Year is fast approaching, the loneliness of not being around them is quite normal.  

Traditionally in the Philippines, you can tell when the home puts up all their decorations and those glomming lights outside their houses is when they put up their Parole. It is a Filipino thing, that Christmas is complete when we hang a Star or Parole lantern.

And because I am a Filipino and I just want to feel that I am closer in my hometown, I made a Star/Parole Lantern out from the constructional paper, glue and stapler. I remember that I made this before during my elementary days so I’m bringing it back again. Now I made green and red and finally hanged them at our son’s bedroom window and in the mudroom door.

Through this, makes me indeed feel just like in my hometown. For those who would like to learn about how to make this parole check out YouTube. 


  1. My daughter made one of this but in plain white.

  2. The DIY lantern can really be a nice decoration and a really affordable one too.


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