Motherhood Stuffs: Chinet Bakeware sent me

Friday, December 06, 2013

Chinet Bakeware sent me

Didn’t I mention that I was approved to host a Chinet Bakeware Party? YES! Finally after being denied by different company for many times, this is the very first time I got for an approval to host. They send me the stuff above, I love the freebies, and the Chinet Bakeware set as well. You should try their product you will see and love what I’m saying here.


  1. That is awesome, now yo]u have to do a lot of baking hehehe.

  2. I will definitely check them out -I love baking myself and these stuff will be good to use too.

  3. Chinet looks like a nice bakeware. Good luck on the party.

  4. Wow! Chinet party! Reminds me of those old tupperware parties. I bet you will be baking up a storm!


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