Motherhood Stuffs: Working on growing a Lemon Grass

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Working on growing a Lemon Grass

One of the spices I learned to make a dish smells great and non-smelly is by adding a lemon grass in it. For instance, when you are stewing fish, we all know that fish is very delicious however; fish have that salty, awful smell just because it’s their nature since they are in the ocean. In addition, we would like to get rid of that smell when we stew them the perfect way to eliminate the smell and making the dish taste really good is simply by adding lemon grass in it.

Since I can’t find the planted one nearby, the only way for me to have, my own is to grow my own. I researched online and I’ve learned a few ways of growing the lemon grass out of the stem or stalk I can only find in the store.

After weeks of patience, the stalk has finally grown some roots while I soaked it in the water. That day, I knew it was time for me to plant that lemon grass in the pot. Although, it’s late for me to plant lemon grass I can’t wait for this plant to grow.

To be continue….


  1. i've always wanted to have a herb garden or lemon grass but i suck at growing plants

  2. i want my own lemon grass too.

  3. A friend of mine gave me some lemon grass so I can grow them. I can't wait to enjoy some fresh lemongrass... I was going to do the same thing to some lemongrass I got from safeway, but they cleaned it up really good no roots are going to grow back no matter how I submerge it in water. I love it with soup especialy fish soup like you mentiones. Tinolang Isda. Kalami!

  4. My lemon grass died wahhh. Good luck to you9rs.

  5. Gotta do what you gotta do you know :) that's great that you were able to grow lemon grass of your own :) and looks like it's a success :)


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