Motherhood Stuffs: Why I love Lindt Chocolate

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why I love Lindt Chocolate

I love chocolate ever since and I have a few that I stick to it. I love to eat a chocolate that isn’t too sweet and has a nut on it. The first time I tried Lindt I was really addicted not just because it is too delicious it is also not too sweet. I remembered I got freebies of it and redeemed it in our local store, and then I enjoyed the good taste of Chocolate. I received one free sample from Influenster, which gives me a chance to enjoy Lindt chocolate again. 


  1. I also like lindt because of the different taste it have over the usual chocolates.

  2. I am not a chocolate lover but I like munching on some with nu-ts in it too.

  3. I have a sweet tooth so chocolates, cakes, cookies and all sweets are my best friends ha ha. How did you get this? I mean they just send this to you or did you join some giveaways tru them?


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