Motherhood Stuffs: Plank Challenge

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Plank Challenge

As a mother, after you gave birth it is pretty normal to gain baby weights. In time we didn’t realize that we are gaining weight because we get too hectic for attending our fruit of love, and we never get the possibility to drop those unwanted weights until it gets worse.

I have been chubby since birth and it took many years for me to shed those baby fats as well as a lot of discipline before I reach the goal I wish to have. This is why, I am struggling now to lose those gained weight I have for 3 years, as I know there shouldn’t be any excuse for me to start all over again. I have to control the food I ate, a little bit of exercise and discipline.

Since, I’m very lazy when it comes to exercise I prefer to work on some of the challenges. I did complete the Squat Challenge, which is very intense, yet I never gave up in order form the butt shape I wish to possess. Now, I’m on the Plank Challenge to help me with my belly. I do hope this will help me flatten my ABS a little bit.

I will update everyone after I finished the challenge. 


  1. i'd like to try this plank challenge...

  2. I want to give this one a try - why not hahaha!

  3. Planks is really one of the better ways to have a solid core.

  4. Wow! 30 days of planking! I hope to finish at least 15 days. He-He. ^_^

  5. I do plank in the morning before getting out of bed. That's my way of waking up my sleepy body. I started with 20 sec and now I caN hold up to 1 minute.

  6. ooh, me likey! I want to do this!

  7. Lovely, you're determined to do a routine program that fits your lifestyle.


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