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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wear Anatomie and travel light

Do you travel often? On the other hand, have you travel in different countries and wish you had worn light clothes yet, you can’t due to cold temperature. If that’s one of your woes, you should hear me here.

I assumed that I just found the website where you can get clothes to possibly travel light. Yes! Travelling for us women is quite hassling, as much as we would like to wear those fashionable clothes yet it’s just too much to bear, we choose not to. Well! Good news since we can now wear designer clothes without thinking too much.  
Anatomie’s mission is to give women a good designer clothes and travel light not to worry about wearing those expensive clothes without feeling the fear of stain, tears and more.

·        Virtually indestructible, made from the finest French and Italian fabrics
·        Chic, feminine, stylish and versatile
·        Never need ironing
·        No dry cleaning
·        Machine washable, wrinkle free, and never fade
·        Ultra-light weight – our designer travel pants weigh only 6 ounces!

Anatomie has the stylish and unique clothes you can own and wear. Anatomie creator’s Kate and Shawn Boyer designed each clothes with time, care, love, and specific details for one’s needs.
I am pleased to be given the opportunity to work on a product review. I received the City Slick Jacket long – Tan Plaid and Cargo Capri Pants. Definitely fast shipment, it was delivered through UPS express the minute I know, I have the package in our doorstep, very safe and quick.

The clothes are unpredictable, I was very surprised to see the superb quality, and I admire its fine fabric used for each clothes.

Their clothes smell great, I never expected that, and it doesn’t smell like in your treasured chests. Fabric has fine sewing, truly good quality, and great brand to keep.

I was quite skeptical that at first that it might not look good on me, thus I was actually wrong. Fits great, the sizes are just what I expected, soft, and the jacket is indeed very comfortable. Comes in different colors and sizes from small to extra large. The jacket has a flexible back waist, which means it has elastic for an adjustment, very cozy to wear on cold weather and the plaid style is very adorable.

Cargo Capri Pants is great. I love the quality of the fabric made out, it has a versatile either strap on the hem to strap it or lose it. Great for quick adjustment. Very comfortable when you wear the Capri pants, it is soft and the fabric isn’t itchy to your skin at all.

You may always check the website to see more of their wonderful designs online at

You will see the nice City Slick Jacket long – Tan plaid for only $132.00 in retail price as well as the Cargo Capri Pants for only $149.00 in retail price.

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A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received Apparel from Anatomie for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. I love clothes that are wash and wear and never have to be ironed and never get crushed!!! I will be checking this site out.

  2. cute outfit and looks great for traveling

  3. LOve the jacket! I like their selection!

  4. I like the Jacket Long Tan Plaid and the cargo is perfect for traveling whenever I don't like to wear a short pants or wear a jeans.

  5. Those outfits look comfy. I like the jacket.

  6. I love the jacket I got from them too. ;) Great choices!

  7. I love the jacket's print! IT does look cozy!

  8. Oh yeah! I recommend wearing light clothing when traveling for convenience purposes and comfy too.

  9. Nothing beats traveling fashionably light and yes that includes the clothes we bring.

  10. very nice sis! I've been travelling a lot that i have mastered how to pack just right for the whole time we're in a country though if its in a cold weather it is ompossible haha

  11. I always tend to over packed everytime we travel, nice tip!

  12. Really nice jacket! Love their clothes!

  13. I want to travel more but sad to say I don;t travel light tsk tsk.. Need to find travel clothes that are light weight too.

  14. I like the jacket as well, good color. and yes, it is not wise to over packed when traveling.

  15. The jacket looks great on you. It will be very useful this coming winter. The capri pants looks very comfortable too.

  16. Wearing light-weight clothing when traveling is important to make us feel easy and not over loaded.

  17. Mommy N,
    I love the plaid jacket on you :-) It looks comfy and like the color as well. You are right once inside the plane it is very cold especially the long flight and we need to wear clothes that are not too light and too heavy :-)

  18. I love that thought! Light clothes for cold weather! Love it! This is worth trying!

  19. I prefer clothes that are comfortable to wear and just fit for my body type. A lightweight clothes are my preference.

  20. We really need to pack stuff light for travelling, choose clothes we will actually use.

  21. After my first flight internationally, I learned to travel light. Hahaha! :)

    I love the jacket! :)


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