Motherhood Stuffs: Ways to drop clue for everyone we are preggers

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ways to drop clue for everyone we are preggers

Do you want to deliver good news to your family without telling them the exact words? I do, I love to surprise other people yet, and I abhor it to do to me. Just can’t take the thrilling and yes! I’m relatively impatient sometimes.

I have seen these ways online while browsing and it is quite impressive as well as creative ways. Therefore, if you know someone who is expecting or if you are expecting there are ways to drop clues to your family and friends online or offline.

I do hope you find this amusing for I do. 

Write those plus and equals on a big black board and family will pose...

I remember this game can work on a game for everyone...cootie catcher
The famous knocked up image...

Belly showing of partners...

bun in an oven....

The cute infographics 

and lastly, the change of cover page on your facebook...


  1. We were never this creative, now I wish we had!! But with family all over the place we did the phone-call to tell them all about the new bundles of joy! :) I wish we would have done the first one, love the chalkboard!

  2. Very creative
    I like the bun in the oven message a lot

  3. Aww they are all such cute ways - I have to admit the facebook cover gets me as I am loving the puppy paws in it as well :) X

  4. I do not have to worry about this-not at my age! The above are all very cute ways to let people know you are expecting without shouting at the top of your lungs to the world at large. Your family, on the other hand, wants to HEAR it from your mouth and as soon as possible!!

  5. What cute and original ideas! Love the first one! I just saw a great one on FB yesterday from a friend, she posted a drawing her 5 year old daughter made of her and there was a baby inside her belly in the little girl's cute drawing. It was adorable.

  6. Cute! We actually put my toddler in a shirt that said "World's best big brother!" to announce our 2nd pregnancy :)

  7. Great idea! I didn't think of doing this when I got pregnant with my DD. I was very excited that I told my husband that I was a week delayed. :)


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