Motherhood Stuffs: Free Shipping on Citrus Lane - 50% Off First Month

Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Shipping on Citrus Lane - 50% Off First Month

Get a surprise box of the best products for your child every month. Starting as low as $21/month. Starts here.


Select the plan that works best for you and your little one. Plans start as low as $21 per month. 

Tell us your little one’s age (from newborn to 3) so we pick just the right products for your box. 

We deliver a special box to your door every month...and shipping is free! 


  1. It is always nice to open a package and find something specially selected.No matter what it is,no matter what the age of the person receiving the box.

  2. I don't do subscription boxes, but this is a great deal! A discount + free shipping is always awesome

  3. What a great sounding subscription for kids! I have to admit I do love the surprises that pop through my door every month x

  4. what fun for the child to get something every month!

  5. I will have to look into this more--my niece will be having her first in February and this might be a good gift (one of many) that I can get her.

  6. A surprise box of the things you're going to need? What a novel idea!

  7. I just placed my first order with them last week, it was a gift and I can not wait to try them out.

  8. I will check this out and see what is in store for me.

  9. I'm not a subscriber of anything. This sounds like a good goodies though. I will have to check that out.

  10. I see...good idea. But subscribing is not in mind right now. I want to be free from obligations as much as possible.


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