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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Backup Recovery Systems And Architecture EMC Certification Exams

There are only a few things that truly impress employers in the IT world as far as training go. These things are experience, education, and certifications. The EMC E20-005 Exam is a way to obtain a certification that will catch the eye of employers and have you well on your way to bigger and better career opportunities.

What Should You Know About The E20-005 Exam?
This qualifying exam is meant for the Storage Administrator, Implementation Engineer, and Technology Architect tracks. The goal of this exam is for the candidate to skillfully explain the concepts and technologies that are present in backup and recovery environments. If your career plans only include getting a Backup Recovery specialist credential, then this is a good associate level exam for you to take. If not, the EWMCISA might be better for you.

What Products Should You Know For This Exam?
There are many products that might come up on the exam, and not all of them will be listed here, but this partial list will point you in the right direction. Some of the products that you are likely to come across on this exam are EMC HomeBase, EMC Data Domain, EMC NetWorker, EMC Avamar, EMC Data Protection Advisor, and VMware.

How Can You Study All This?

This amount of information may seem overwhelming at first, but it is perfectly achievable if you approach your studying with a plan. With test prep packages from and a study schedule that gives you plenty of time to get ready for the big exam, your success is all but assured.


  1. This sounds so interesting it would be a nightmare to lose everything if my computer went down so I could definitely imagine this could come in so useful as well x

  2. This sounds like a great plan for those going into this particular field. It is true that the more education and certifications you have will help you in any field you choose.

  3. Very interesting subject. I will have to look into it and learn more about it.

  4. been reading a lot about this maybe i should check into it

  5. I did not know that there is a certification for Architecture. Thanks for the info.

  6. I believe that there's no hard examination if enough time was used to prepare for it.


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