Motherhood Stuffs: Snacking with Crunchmasters crackers

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Snacking with Crunchmasters crackers

Snack is one of my favorite foods to eat. I can eat anything I want because there are varieties of them. There are healthy snacks and there are junk foods. Even when I eat a lot of snacks, I still preferred to eat the healthier one. Thankfully, I would not have trouble on finding healthier snacks nowadays.
CrunchMasters approved my proposal on collaborating with their company. They sent me a few of their product samples in the mail. The product came through USPS mail.

I received GRAMMY CRISPS - Cinnamo and Sugar – 3.54 Oz
·        Gluten free, 100% Whole Grain, which is very good, with 0-saturated fat, and a peanut free oven baked.
·        Very scrumptious, I am not a cinnamon fan but hubby loves the snacks. Crispy and good he said.

I received MULTI-SEED CRACKERS – Original – 4.5 Oz
·        Crunchy oven baked
·        All natural, has 100% Whole Grain, cholesterol free
·        Perfect for starters, snacks and party sizes.
·        It’s a wafer-thin multi-grain crackers are baked lightly so snackers could enjoy the good taste of the product.
·        My son loves this more than anyone does.
I received CHEEZY CRIPS – Cheddar – 4.5 Oz
·        I love cheese and this snack is for me.
·        I love the right amount of cheese on it and very tasty
·        Fills me up whenever I have this for snacks, healthy and very scrumptious

You can always purchase any flavor of Crunchmaster in a nearby store or online at Thank you for sharing me the opportunity to contribute my familiarity of the products with my readers.

Please follow them on: - get your coupons here

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received CRUNCHMASTER SNACKS for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. I never try this one yet. Maybe I will find one in my area. Looks yummy.

  2. I enjoyed those snacks, even my daughter love them!

  3. they look so good, i however have not developed a habit of snacking, though i eat 5 times a day, but my snacks are like meals, and that is bad I guess coz I eat a lot :) even for snacks.

  4. healthy and very scrumptious indeed!! I wish I could purchase them on my side of the world...turning back to healthy eating these days...:)

  5. I would want to try Cheezy Crisps! I am actually a cheese lover and I have yet to find a snack with cheese which would pass my standard... :)

  6. Is the product available in local markets if so then definitely I will grab a buttle of those Cheesy Crisps.

  7. Looks delicious, I might have to ask my relatives in the US to send us some of these when they send some goodies in a box.

  8. interesting flavours and I am sure its all delicius, I wish I could try it...will check if its available here in Bangkok! :)

  9. Great choices of snacks sis. I am curious about the Grammy Crisps because I haven't tried Graham crackers with cinnamon yet.

  10. I love eating this kind of crackers, especially when paired with cheese!!

  11. Yum! It looks delicious enough for you to keep asking for more! ;-)

  12. They look so deliciius especially the Cheezy Crisps. Love to try it my my favorite spreads too. -lencilicous

  13. hi, dropping by your blog :) followed you via GFC..feel free to do the same.. thanks. Anna :)

  14. I think we don't have those here as I don't see them in the market, too bad. Looks good to me!

  15. Wow! These is so good. Can I have some, please? :D


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