Motherhood Stuffs: Wished to learn how to play saxophone, will it ever happen?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wished to learn how to play saxophone, will it ever happen?

I love music ever since I was a little girl. I love to sing, I would love to learn how to play different music instruments. I like to combine the singing and playing at the same time. That would be far-fetched, I can be a singer, or a performer if that happens, and if I get lucky enough, someone will discover that I have a talent. That would be a very good source of income if ever that happen. (Wink)

I still love music nowadays, not as a huge fan like before, thus I still want to learn any kind of instruments, if given the chance.

Chatting with your spouse sometimes leads you to some things, you haven’t known yet. For example, my spouse mentioned that he played saxophone during his younger years, he knows how to play and manipulate the thing.

Since that day, I have asked him constantly to teach me how to use the saxophone if I could rent one. After days of being persistent, he agreed. However, he gave me one task first, that I should learn about the saxophone’s parts. That wasn’t bad, right. After all, once I’ve learned all of the parts he will teach me and then, one of my dreams would soon come true.

Learning is quite attention grabbing and fun too, it’s where you learn new things you haven’t heard and educated before. Learning about rousseau 4r alto sax mouthpiece at wwbw, is quite motivating, one part and a few more to go. I can’t wait to cease my task and move on into a playing part.

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