Motherhood Stuffs: Where to find contemporary chandeliers

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where to find contemporary chandeliers

I remember the last time we visited Five Star Hotels during our vacation in the Philippines is for us to notice a nice Chandelier in the hotel’s lobby. It is always an eye-catching to see those bright and huge masterpieces of each hotel’s lobby. Those nice contemporary chandeliers hanging in the center of the hotel lobby.

Photo from website

It is startling each guest that would walk towards the front desk to check-in. I believe it might be one of the hotel’s signatures to wow their guest the very first time they will visit and stay.

It’s very astonishing and I enjoy looking at the different kinds of chandelier in each hotel we visited. Someday when I will have a bigger home, I’ll definitely get one of those chandeliers


  1. We are moving soon, yeah! I'll keep your post in mind for when we move in June! :D

  2. There is absolutely no room in my home large enough to accommodate a chandelier, but is it definitely eye catching

  3. I am always fascinated with chandeliers. I love to look at them, they look so elegant. They are very expensive too so I will just adore it since I can't afford to buy one nor have a room for it

  4. My mother-in-law has a chandelier in her house and yeah it is indeed eye-catching. It was a lovely chandelier she got.

  5. THat is a cute chandelier. We have one at our dining area that my husband wants to remove but I resist lol.

  6. This chandelier looks cute. Very nice in a formal dining or receiving room.

  7. I am really inlove with chandeliers. Just paranoid about it falling off the ceiling though.


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