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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What other things to do?

As a mother, you wish you had a very long list of what to do with your son. As a very young and rambunctious 3 years old, you wish you could keep up with all that energy he got.

There are times in the day that we got so bored at home; we have nothing else to do. I adhere to exposed him in watching television and playing games for that would not come up with a good result.

I just hope that I won’t be a boring mother when the time comes that I could no longer play more with him. Just couldn’t think of what big thing to do sometimes. 


  1. It's hard to keep the kids busy during winter coz they can't go out and do something. It happens to any mother for sure once the weather is nice , there no dull moment :)

  2. Books and board games are great options.

  3. You can take him to a play park or library near you sis.

  4. My little guy loves does crafts and building things with legos that keeps him entertained and also awakens his cretivity. He also likes to draw and make up his own story books.

  5. Maybe do some arts and crafts or do some baking together, perhaps? Sometimes I get on that stage too on what to do. I take them outside so we could go play or just workout together maybe that the kids can participate and they love it. They do have lots of energy for sure.

  6. When the little ones get really bored we go to the park. There is always something to do at the park. And best of all it's free.

  7. Books and board games are great choices


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