Motherhood Stuffs: #ProductReview – The Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier System

Saturday, August 03, 2013

#ProductReview – The Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier System

I was ecstatic when I received an email inquiring about doing a Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier review, as it would add another free item to our baby stuff! My spouse and I planned to increase the size of our family and give our son a sibling, so we’re gathering as much baby stuff as we can well in advance, before the baby arrives. This will save us time and money from not having to buy everything at once!

I wanted to provide a better pacifier for the baby, so I was happy that Difrax gave me two different kinds of pacifiers! One pacifier was Classic and one was Orthodontic, both having different functions unique to the baby’s needs. The small, Classic-style pacifier has a nipple shape that resembles a mother’s breast. It is the perfect starter pacifier for little ones that breastfeed. The Orthodontic pacifier has a crescent nipple shape that aids in jaw and mouth muscle development. Difrax 3-Stage Pacifiers are different from other pacifiers, as they are designed to grow with baby and cater to baby’s needs at different ages and stages of development. The pacifiers also come in a vast array of fun, trendy, and colorful patterns!

I love that I was able to check out both types of pacifiers, and I am very excited for my unborn child to try the product. I’m sure he or she will absolutely love the pacifier. You can check out Difrax online and research the different pacifier models and styles to see what works best for your infant. There are so many vibrant and fashionable multicolored patterns to choose from! To learn more about the Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier System, please check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

A Disclaimer: This is not a Sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. I still have the ones I reviewed, but planning to give it to a friend.

  2. My kids were both so picky about what pacifiers they did or did not like. We are past this stage but my neighbor is not. I bet her son would love these.

  3. Good for you on preparing for baby number two!
    Congrats in advance

  4. Smart to start buying or receiving baby stuff ahead of time! These pacifiers sound like good ones and I may get them for my niece who is having a baby in February.

  5. My daughter wouldn't take a pacifier when she was little. I think that ended up being a good thing, we didn't have to worry about weaning her off.

  6. Aww, that is sweet that you want another child and are preparing for it the best way.

  7. 2 of my kids used them and the other 2 wanted nothing to do with them. My kids were picky on what style they liked and would not just take any. Thankfully I am passed this stage!

  8. Both of my kids used pacifiers when they were younger. It does help soothe some kids and I am all for a good night sleep.

  9. My daughter was addicted to pacifier when she was a baby. My son was not a big fan of it. Pacifiers are great help for comforting babies.


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