Motherhood Stuffs: Heading to Farmer's Market

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heading to Farmer's Market

I mentioned previously that we went to a Farmer’s Market for the first time in our new town. I was quite disappointed to see few vendors in the area. Not sure if the vendors were not as many as the other city or others might not have produced yet.

Anyways, we didn’t waste our time and proceeded. I only bought a few fresh vegetables and fruits. They don’t have much as I expected this kind of the Farmer’s Market.

If you have noticed, there are not many people too, mostly we’ve seen are older people who came and buy few fresh produce. Quite sad or maybe we are just too late when buyers support this kind of market.

Below is the plot of the Farmer’s Market, really not many. 


  1. Awe I would be disappointed to, not much of a turn out! I love Farmers Market. Freshest foods around and supporting local growers. Double bonus!

  2. That's such a shame, I love farmers markets too. The quality is always great, you can really taste the difference.

  3. I haven't been to Farmer's Market in a while. Hopefully I will go soon. I like buying from local growers.

  4. That's probably due to the weather condition.

  5. I tried visiting the farmers market in our city, I find their prices higher than the store. But it is good to support our local farmers.

  6. So sorry about that. Maybe some just didn't have any vegetables available yet. Maybe this summer there will be plenty. We haven't really been to any farmer's market since we do garden, but it is nice to be able to have fresh produce though.


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