Motherhood Stuffs: DIY: How to Resurface your Kitchen Countertops

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY: How to Resurface your Kitchen Countertops

You can rest you stihl chain saws for this DIY. This DIY project is all about working with what you've got. You will not need to install anything new unless you want to fix up a few other things in the kitchen. The following article lists how you can resurface your kitchen countertop. It's such a major definer of how your kitchen feels. You'll be surprised just how different your kitchen looks after just one simple change.
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Materials and tools
Before you can even think of getting started you are going to need to the right equipment. You will need; countertop coating kit with adhesive base coat, wetting agent, decorative chips, protective coat, microfiber and high-density roller and frame, paint trays, synthetic brushes, sanding tools and plastic sheeting.

Now you can get started. Measure your countertop. You'll need to calculate linear footage. You'll need to measures the sections separately, multiply by depth and add together. There are online calculators so don't sweat! Extinguish all flames and pilot lights and turn off stoves and electric heaters.

Prepare the area. You'll need to cover the cabinets, backsplash, sink and appliances with plastic sheeting. There is no such thing as over covering. Secure with painters tape and cover the floor. Fill cracks, dents and chips with epoxy putty and sand smooth. After doing everything you can to protect your kitchen you will need to remove dry caulk around sink with putty knife. Then clean and degrease countertop. Now commences everybody's favourite part, the sanding. Make sure to sand in a circular motion to avoid streaks.

Adhesive base coat
Just like painting you need a base coat. You'll need to work quickly and apply thick layers. Apply heavy, even coat to countertop surface and front edge rolling back to front.

Decorative chips
Spray light misting of wetting agent over base coat. While basecoat is still wet, apply decorative chips to backsplash, then front edge, then flat surface. This will need to be left over night, at least 12 hours.

Remove decorative chips
Remove the loose chips and then sand the area by scraping down the surface to know down edges.

Top coat

Your bench should be ready for the top coat. You will need to apply a heavy layer, make sure it is even! Keep the windows closed and pets and children away. Any fans in the vicinity should be turned off. Wait 48 hours for light use of countertop, 7 days for full use. Light use means putting light objects on the counter. The longer you can wait the better.


  1. very nice DIY and great step by step for the easy follow. though i will leave it to the professionals for now if i needed to change somethings i am no good at DIY-ing hehe

  2. Great info.So thankful hubby can do all of this DIY so it would not cost us if we need some improvements at home.

  3. Resurfacing is the less expensive way of beautifying the kitchen cabinets. Good tips!

  4. Will take note of your helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

  5. hmmm something I would share with my hardworking hubby! :)


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