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Monday, July 08, 2013

#ProductReview: Get a great snack from Mediterranean Snacks

Food snack is a common thing for humanity. We have snacks in the morning before our meal or in mid afternoon. During  those times, I always have trouble thinking about what would be a healthy snacks to offer to my 3 years old. I need something healthy and good as well as the kind of snacks that kids would enjoy munching

I am happy to receive an email regarding a product evaluation on Mediterranean Snacks. I was ecstatic since I know that I’ll be reviewing different kinds of flavors I have never tried eating before. I like to seek latest snacks, something that has fine flavors and nutrients.

The flavors they carry are Roasted Pepper, Sea Salt, Fiery Tomato [tomato + hot chilis, with basil and garlic] these are all baked, big size 4.5 oz. All natural, Gluten Free, good source of fiber, has 70% less fat and 110 calories.

They also have Lentil Crackers, which carries Rosemary herb, cracked pepper, an oven baked, single serve pack, 0.75 Oz only. Non-GMO, crunchy, empowering flavor, good snack + the dipping sauce is amazing. I have never tried one, but this is something I’m getting and having for snacks.

The Hummuz also carries Roasted Garlic and roasted red pepper only has 0.5 oz. On-the-go packaging, single serve packs, which I find it very handy. These flavors made are from real Garbanzo Beans.

They too have the original line: Veggie Medley Straws, all natural popcorn and the multi grain chips.

Tapaz 2 Go: with crackers + dipping sauce of your choice, single serve packs too. Got flavors of Roasted Garlic Hummus + Sea salt lentil crackers, Red Pepper Hummus + sea salt lentil crackers and Classic Hummus + sea salt lentil crackers.

Every manufactured goods they carry is GF certified. Even after I ate the crackers, I can still taste the flavor of each snack I ate

Overall, my experiences with the Mediterranean snacks are amazing: I like the healthy crackers for snacks. I can distribute it with my son without worrying a great deal. If you want to acquire online please visit the website also you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Be the earliest to hear the fresh products in the marketplace. Check here for the store locator to see where can you buy in your area or online at Amazon

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.


  1. Love single serve snacks especially if they are healthy!

  2. Those look yummy and a variety of flavors!

  3. I love their snacks, the lentil crackers with my hummus dip is my favorite snack.

  4. yum these sound like great snakcs

  5. I really like their snacks they are super crunchy and tasty!

  6. that look yum. i love hummus. i wanna try this.

  7. I love crackers esp nowadays i am fond of Organic product.


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