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Monday, June 03, 2013

Hello Alma Mater....

This is my University Alma Mater. I had spent most of my years there during College days and even after school year end. Because I was given the chance to work in the Institution, I had bult a relationship with my co-workers and bosses. 

I have taken a snapshot on our way back home from somewhere. So, this is what she looks like. I do miss being here, being around my former co-workers eventhough the work gets crazy all the time.

That's why during my last vacation, I always went to see those people whom I missed the most. Although, I'm quick shy with my boss still, however I did miss being under her stress spell.

When will I ever see my Alma Mater again.


  1. i love going back to my high school to visit but haven't been back to my college in years

  2. It is interesting to look back at old schools. I live a few blocks from my law school so I don't to miss it since I see it so often.

  3. I love the architecture of that building. I guess that is one good thing about going to school oniline, I never look back missing it because I am still here! I know many enjoyed their college days and would not mind going back to see friends and collegues.

  4. Your experience sound like me, I even lived inside the school building.

  5. Awe! That is so nice mommy. I too miss my school and everybody. Nice building.

  6. I have such great memories both of my high school and of my university back home. I would love to go back and visit some day soon.

  7. I miss my school too. We were planning a batch reunion but there's no fixed date yet.


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