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Friday, June 07, 2013

DYI Garden Marker

As a Mother you want to apply all the DYI's that you've seen and known in order to save some money. This one for example is one of them.

I put a marker in the vegetable garden I planted last Sunday in order to differentiate which one is which. Because it is an outside garden, I have to make sure that the market won't come off. So, with the help of Pinterest that gives me so much ideas, I took a slim branch and sliced the other edge portion to flatten it for me to be able to write. 

It did work and cost me nothing. Now, I have put markers to the plants I planted which makes me easier to identify. 


  1. Oh I can't wait till we can do some gardening again. Winter hasn't left us yet wahhh.

  2. That is so nice you were able to plant na, it is still cold over here and not ideal for gardening yet. The marker is a good idea, I should try that when I am able to do gardening.


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