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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review - No more unhappy skin for Monkey Balm is here

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my honest review. The outlook being expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

I have less knowledge when it comes to skin problems. Maybe because I have no problem with mine while growing up. I don’t have those uncomfortable allergies, very itchy and dryness of skin. The worst is having an eczema due to the weather. I guess I could say, I’m one of those lucky people on earth.

However, nothing seems to be perfect for when it doesn’t happen to me that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to our next generation. When I had my son, I never know that it would happen to him. So, when I’ve seen a massive rashes on his face, I panicked. Went to see his Pedia and to find out that he has an eczema.

Since then, I have to get him a prescription for the reason that his eczema is never going away. Have to make sure they use that medicine as well as not taking it too much. I do worry when it comes to prescription, I know it is good for you. However, I would want that immune system fights the bacteria for once you are immune, it’s hard to get contaminated again.

So looking for a great organic and cruelty free product, I have given the opportunity by Monkey Balm of their organic sea buckthorn oils. This product is what I wanted for my son. I’ve learned that this product is formulated especially for babies and kids who has a very sensitive skin. The ingredients are all naturals

Can be used for:
·         Eczema
·         Rosacea
·         Sunburn,
·         Diaper rash
·         Dry/itchy/cracked skin
·         General skin conditioning

The product comes with a 100% Money back guarantee and is available for sale through the company website Monkeybalm. Things are now better because we have helped.


  1. I have used and it is really good

  2. I certainly hope he outgrows the eczema--many times children have allergic reactions when very young-then they seem to get over them as they get older.

  3. This sounds great, my husband and daughter have really bad Eczema Ill have to look in to it.

  4. I have been meaning to try that. I get super dry knees and heels. I need some TLC.

  5. I have used Monkey Balm and really like it. I like that it is good for all skin types including children.

  6. I could use some of this I have dry spots on my elbows, some times they crack and it hurts!

  7. This stuff is great - even works for chapped lips when you do not have a lip product available.

  8. I never had any skin problem in the Philippines but coming here, my body changed, I get this allergies a lot. Would check this product out.

  9. Great product for kids who suffers from eczema- I like the fact that, it's organic, safe!

  10. I will share this product to my sister in UK. Her daughter has skin problem and this might help.

  11. Ugh. My kid has skin eczema too. We're always looking for good products for him.

  12. Sounds interesting. Maybe I can use it on me.

  13. I'm so glad I came across your post, my boys have eczema. Love that its natural and organic x

  14. My daughter could really use this. Thanks for sharing.


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