Motherhood Stuffs: Make your home an ash free

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Make your home an ash free

I have nothing against people who smoke. That is the choice of lifestyle they picked. They should be responsible for the things they do. However, sometimes there are people who just don’t care. That’s why, at home for me. I make sure cigar ashtrays are available. Since you can’t predict if you have visitors who do smoke cigar whether inside or outside the house. To keep it my premises clean and cigar ashes free, I have to get one. There are plenty of nice designs you might want to get too. To be more stylist even though it’s something you don’t see that often


  1. Very good idea. I need to be smoke free in my home

  2. I still smoke-but have plenty of ashtrays around! Have not had anyone visit yet who smokes cigars---something to think about.

  3. I am a horrible host, no smoking in, or around my home. I know it is not nice but I have a child with health issues so it is not allowed. Nice of you to be considerate of your guests though.


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