Motherhood Stuffs: Red New pair of shoe

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Red New pair of shoe

Got no choice but to buy myself a new pair of shoe. I don’t need one, however since I have given my old sketcher shoes to my lovely niece [which by the way only 10 years old]. I need to make sure that I have something to use when I came back to the USA. Not a very fancy shoe, nevertheless a footwear where it will give me comfort and warmth during our 24 hour flight.

I was with my mother, son, aunt and her daughter when we look up for something less expensive in Robinson Mall. Luckily, they have 50% off and this one included. I love the color of course for it’s my favorite. And when I put them on, it makes me feel and love the pair.

Didn't intend that my mother will end up paying for my new pair. Jokingly asked her if she would like to buy the shoes for me. When she replied that she would I felt happy and now I am a little bit ready to go home together with my new pair.

It is very comfortable on my feet. Looks very fashionable, and most of all I got it 50% off from it’s full price.


  1. I like the new pair of red shoes mommy. Nice sya perfect for spring pod kana nautical style kay uso this time. :)

  2. Got this pair at robinson's mall in phils... At first look i was smiiten over it....ty mommy.

  3. Those are adorable. I am not much of a stripe person but I love those. Good Find

    1. Nor am i..but when i see these pair they are adorable


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