Motherhood Stuffs: What Mother does during Valentines day

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Mother does during Valentines day

Just like every married couple, we Mothers do plan for our other half during the Day of Hearts. Even though there is one day that is set for Hearts, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat each day as Heart’s day. We should in order to continue the love we have for each other as well as the affection and love we have for our family.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is very common for everyone. It has more meaning to those who have partners, for they want this day very special. Every restaurant will be packed because of the occasion.

As a mother, I do plan to take my family for a dinner. However, due to the volume of people eating outside during those times, I would rather make a very special dinner. That way, we could enjoy the private company at home and even save more money. And if you have kids with you, our home is the comfortable place to have them with us. We won’t rush things whenever the kids were starting to be grumpy and tired.

I guess planning your own Valentine’s day celebration depends on each mother. How they sees it, commemorate it and cherish the moment with the loved ones.

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