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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The more the merrier

Been hearing this phrase often when people talk about children, businesses and even opportunities. I was happy tonight since I did not expect that this blog will be accepted into one of the paid post website I have been trying to reach for years now.

 Because of their strict policy, my older blog wasbeingn denied for many times, that I have to end up writing one of the admin of the sponsored ads. I asked for a manual review in the domain I owned and explain to me why isn’t my page being declined many times.

Glad I never hesitated to email the admin, through that email Supernova and Sweetpain website is now accepting task from them. Aside from that, this new domain that I created were also accepted in the same company. the more task I get the merrier I’ll be during Christmas for I will have more income to come in order to help my partner for the bills that needs to be paid.

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