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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Free Boot

No I haven't pitched in this one to any companies I wrote in. I purchased this boot out of a gift card that was supposed to be for someone. To make the long story short, since we kept forgetting on handing this out, we decided to not give it at all. What I did, is to take the advantage of a free gift card. 

I was browsing at Walmart for a pair of a boot. It took me months before settling down to this one. I was even hesitant because there were only a few who have written their reviews about the products. However, I have to see it myself and finally buy this tanned colored boot.

When I finally got it in the mail one day, I was very amazed of the quality. It compares with those high and branded kind of boots what you see at the Mall. I have worn it inside the house to make sure that it fits my feet and it did. Now I wore this during our High School "Grand Reunion" since we have a "cowboy" theme and we required to wear a cowboy attire. Love the boots, never hurt my feet for hours of wearing them, and I do feel comfortable inside and out.

It is better to buy the things that you think it suits you, read more about the reviews from previous buyer and double check the product before buying. That way you won't be wasting your time and effort.


  1. A gift for you, that's how the blessings comes in handy without even noticing it. Truly, check what you buy and recheck.

  2. That looks nice. I almost buy a pair of boots last weekend but decided not to at the last minute lol.

  3. That's a really stylish boot and it's free so that's really great.

  4. I like it much, it looks fashionable and comfy. I have been meaning to buy a new winter boot but I dont know why I dont like to spend money for myself. I know I need one, but maybe someday if my current boots gets old and unusable

  5. Looks really nice, and it's great that it fits perfectly and feel comfy too.

  6. Those boots rock! I love boots too


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