Motherhood Stuffs: A replacement for your t-handle knobs

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A replacement for your t-handle knobs

One of a Mother’s duty is to make sure we know about a little bit of DIY in the house. We don’t need to rely everything to our partner, especially when some things are just so simple that can be handled by ourself.

I was a tomboy during my childhood years, and I was exposed on manly work. I love to help my father and brothers when they fixed our home and enjoyed being part of it. It gives me the advantage for I am a Mother now and I can handle fixing minor broken things in the house.

Just like looking for a replacement of a t-handle knobs. We have an old in the house for the faucet outside. Due to the time it serves us, it finally broke so I know exactly what kind of replacement I needed in order to get it attach before hubby gets home.

Knowing how to fix broken things in our house makes it easier and faster to be repaired if we Mother’s knows a little bit about a craftsman’s world. 

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