Motherhood Stuffs: Freebies Tuesday

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Freebies Tuesday

Thanks to my new come free stuff in the mail today. I have a travel size shampoo and conditioner from Clear, and two sample of Vitamin C from Emergen-C. 

A good way to save extra money, from the samples of a different companies. 

And since I will be outside USA for a while, I am sure I could save money by using the sample products in the mail. So here it is, thank you generous companies.


  1. Hay, ang palad mo naman,. Yan din ang product na fave ni misis. Ang bango nyakapag nag-clear shampoo. Ang sarap amuyin ng hair.

  2. I signed up for that but never get any freebies hehehe..

  3. Those travel size stuff come in handy.. =) Perfect nga para sa trip mo.. =)

  4. I love Clear too! I love the Lavander ones:) Sarap naman at me Freebie. I have signed up for freebies sa Target pero di pa talaga dumating. Good for you sis:)

  5. I'm sure you are now enjoying your freebies. Oh it's so much fun to get products like those.

  6. US bloggers are lucky and blessed, palaging may mga freebies. :) And yes, by getting stuff like these talaga, makak-save ka and ust handy when you need it. :)


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