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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Freebie Ipad Cover Case

I am very thankful that my hubby’s sister introduces me into this website, to earn gift cards or cash while being online. Since I am consistently online all the time after the routinely chores and while watching my son. I have so many times before to gain as much points as possible, in order to gain and converted into a desire gift card. Who in these days would give you something that could possibly be helpful for you in the future? Nobody, except for your hubby and yourself, got to earn it in order to get it right?

I was a member of since February this year, and I kid you not, I have bought so many stuffs from the designated gift card I choose to exchange my points with. I have chosen the amazon gift cards; I have purchased so many things from amazon, from the wants to the needs. I am thankful for this earning online; I can now buy our Holiday Gifts for the family online without using our cash from the bank.

Today, I have purchased this second cover for my Ipad2. By the way, three fourth of the payment of this Ipad is from the money I save using Swagbucks. It is your turn now! Join and click here


  1. cool. Only in Amerika huh? imagine we can get a lot of freebies here compared to our homeland :D

  2. Great freebie! I love swagbucks too and been earning a lot of Amazon GC from them :-)

  3. I have a Swagbucks account but have not been using it. Tsk tsk. Too many online sites that need to be faced and I can't face them all in one day. :(

    That is a great ownership mami given that you haven't spent a lot on it because of the membership.


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