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Monday, July 25, 2016

Earn your money back through Rebates with your daily groceries in-stores using Ibotta

I was very thrilled to see that I finally reached the minimum cashout in Ibotta. This is a mobile application in which you can earn rebates from certain brands as well as non-branded products.

To use it is very simple, you first have to download the application using this link into your mobile, register and everything will go smoothly.

You’ll have to simply select the store, you visited and scan the barcode of the products as well as to submit the receipt and it normally says to wait for 24 hours to earn your rebates back. However, based from my experienced, it’s not even 5 minutes and all my rebates are being approved.

For the accumulation of 1 month, and consisted to check and submit my rebates I finally come up with the money back of $23.00. That’s because I sometimes forget to submit my rebates and I end up throwing my grocery receipts.

If only I had checked my rebates always, I should’ve gotten more than just $23.00. But I am making sure that this time, I won’t miss anything.

Why not earn your money back and simply sign up here This is in US only.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

FREE Get your AQUAFINA today!!!!

photo not mine

It’s simple and quick all you have to do is to send a text message AQUAFINA to 87676, wait for a quick reply and you will get a Free product coupon!

Fill out the form and submit!!!
You will get directed to a Thank you page!!
Hurry, no purchase necessary!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

My first try using the Toilet Paper Moisturizer #Review #Hygiene

I have never tried this kind of toilet or cotton ball moisturizer before that’s why I was very thrilled when I have the opportunity to acquire one and actually use it at home.

I know this product seems to be fancier than what I wanted, however, it would also be a great way for me to test and see how convenient to have such item at home.
 The transaction I did online was smooth, applied the provided code and everything went out smoothly. There are a lot of options you can do while you are working with your transaction, mine was already set to 1 refill and I am good to check out.

The product arrived in the mail in great condition, I see no sign of damage that I was able to open and to test it right away. I received a starter pack which contains 1 wipes dispenser, an 8 Oz pure cartridge, AA batteries included and 1 Wall bracket [in which mine doesn’t have].

 Because it is automatic, it is easy for me not to touch the item. It is also easy to install the batteries in which can be located on the bottom. It also has the on and off switch for easy and safety issue whenever I put the refill. The amount that contains in each dispense is just right. I was a little bit worried that the refill will not last long and I was wrong.

Because I have no wall bracket I have to leave the product on the counter. Easy to notice when battery needs to replace.

I would say it again, that this is quite convenient because you won’t need any push button for it.

Spritz'n Wipe Simply Pure Toilet Paper Moistener can be purchased through their website at for the price of $24.99 plus free shipping.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received  the product for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.