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Friday, June 29, 2018

MAMA Sterling Silver Round Stackable Birthstone Ring in Platinum

This item and the other Nana Sterling Silver Asscher Cut Swarovski Zirconia Halo Earrings with a solid 14K Gold Post are what I have got myself for Mother’s Day. I was very thrilled that I have approved to be given a chance to receive and actually picked the jewelry in their website in exchange of my honest review.  

There were so many items to choose from, which took me a while to pick and decide which items I am acquiring. I decide on getting a matching pair which is the earrings and the ring. That way in the next time, I can add up more birthstones into the rings. You read it right, rings that you can actually add up and just stick it to the ones you already purchased. That’s another thing that I love about them is that you don’t need multiple rings to wear; instead you can stash them all and make them one rings.

After the smooth transaction online, I cannot wait for the product in the mail. I honestly lost track of counting but I remember it wasn’t long enough to get received them. Of course, it didn’t help when they were very busy the time I placed my order because it was Mother’s Day. I would assume purchase orders will be place in order.

Nevertheless, the rings and earrings are adorable, I have not read the full description of each items. However, my expectations about the sizes were not meet. Please don’t make this as a negative experience. I do admit that I did not read the full description on how big or thick or thin the item was. But, I am very impressed about the quality of the product.

Fine and elegant indeed, I could never stop smiling when I have the jewelries. They are perfectly matched, the design is pretty astounding. I was surprised with the work and I would definitely purchase more of my jewelry from them. The birthstone that I picked for the jewelries are very precise; I don’t see anything that would give me displeasure feeling about their jewelries. I would say, I would recommend checking their website HERE.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? You could Win..Enter to my Giveaway...

Growing up, I have a yellowish kind of teeth and that for some reason bothers me, so I don’t smile a lot because I get so conscious because of it. I asked myself one time, do they have white teeth already? Or did they do something about it?  From then I always wanted to have white teeth. For me, having a white teeth just help me boost my confidence to smile more. Before it was just a dream to hopefully someday getting your teeth white shouldn’t be too expensive and that I can also have it done. I didn’t know that I will be able to obtain a free kit to be able to get my teeth whiten.

I have the opportunity to review and actually use their product in exchange of my honest and not biased evaluation. I love to contribute the experiences I enclose to my readers as I wanted them to know how hard or easy the product might be and how effective to me. We all know that different person has unlike experiences and so here is my version.

I received the full kit of Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit in the mail.  I see no signs of damage in the packaging. So, I proceeded with opening the parcel and as soon as I knew it was from them, I immediately opened the box and checked the kit. While examining the Instruction Guide, The Impression Molder kit and the Syringes, I have noticed that one of the Desentizising Gel’s packs is cut. I emailed the support and immediately I received a positive response, they have sent a replacement of the damage Gel. What I like about their support is that they are friendly, approachable and I never felt any prickly feeling contacting them. After that, I have no problem about the item and so I proceed. Inside is the box are the Dental Impression molder, it comes along with the instruction on how you can pattern the correct impressions the way they wanted you to do it. The Instruction Guide is very supportive, as long as you cautiously read how the method works you will get to mold your teeth impression flawlessly. That’s what I did. I asked my other half to help me with, it is a little bit tricky if you’ll by yourself and you haven’t done this before. I do have a little familiarity about how to get my teeth impression since my hygienist always gets my teeth impression if I needed to get a new mouth guard. Anyways, after subsequent directions and 30 seconds later, the Impression molders are ready to fit in. I have both the upper and lower teeth completed. According to the guide, to ensure you have sent the correct way, you have to send a photo to the support so they’ll be able to see if your teeth impressions are correct. And I did, have a positive response and voolah!!! I mold my impression on my first try and mailed it to the center.

It took 2-3 weeks for the molder to get back in the mail and after checking if things are okay and fits just the way we molded it. I have started the Whitening Gel and Desensitizing Gel. I also sent a before photo to one of the support to ensure the difference/changes before using the whole syringe application and sent out a new photo after all the applications are used.

Therefore, for the first time user, I would say that obtaining white teeth is not as bad and hard as I thought it is.  The application wasn’t bad at all, it feels minty and I make sure that I have tracked the time to proceed to the next step. I would say that the procedure of whitening teeth isn’t difficult at all. In fact it is all simple and quick steps.

So far, I love the new whitened teeth I have; thanks to Smile Brilliant I am more confident enough to wear my smile every day. And I have always boast to whoever asked about my experiences with Smile Brilliant.

And for that, now you will have a chance to win a Free Smile Brilliant Kit. You can make that possible teeth whiten at home. Apply this code for an extra 20% off coupon code: MOTHERHOODSTUFFS20



Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dr. Jacob’s ALL Natural Product Review

I love receiving and to test fresh product for me. I be keen on seeing how it feels to have and apply a dissimilar personal care products than the once I have been using. I’m gratified that Dr. Jacob’s product line has given me this prospect to obtain and their Shampoo, body wash and bar soap that makes me experience like I’m in a SPA.

The package arrived in the mail in excellent condition. There was a marking outside the box stating that it needs to be standing to prevent leaking. I see no leaking/damage in the products and so I opened it up, read about each item and tried them afterwards.

What I like about the products is its scent. The Aroma that they’ve been telling me is definitely true. You can smell the relaxing scent as well as that feeling of being in the SPA yourself. I unlock the items as well as the other Shampoo, Body Wash and the Bar Soap included.

I’m very much thrilled with the Luscious Lavender Loofah Expoliating Castile Soap and the smell as it is just like the Lavender flower.  When I rubbed it against my body, it feels so smooth again that scent of being the SPA never fails me. I never thought it would happen here at home, but thanks to Dr. Jacob’s Natural product it did. No rough stuff in the items and I don’t feel any discomfort after using it. Love the smell and I feel soft too.  The Shampoo, Body Wash are both the same way, of course you have to pick which scent you love the most. I got the Almond Honey and Eucalyptus; mind you these are all natural which is awesome and good. I love each scent, while scrubbing them into my body and into my hair; I can smell the individual’s scent. So far, I have no negative experience with Dr. Jacob’s Natural.

I am thankful, that I have the opportunity to experience and share with you their wonderful product.