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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Got me a Hickies Product

I love Hickies the minute I got their free product to try. I no longer have to tie my shoes and all I do is to slip my feet into my walking shoes and then I’m off and ready to go. No more tying and all, also it keeps my feet snug with my walking shoes.

It is very simple and quick to put on my shoes and once I’ve done it? I don’t need to keep doing it unless I wanted to be more created and use different ways.

They are plastic so they don’t get ruined right away. They also have different colors if you want to use them. They sent me one plain color and in different colors.

I believe this is a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. I’m very much advance, I’d like to think the gifts now and starts to collect them and buy them in order to be done before Christmas.

Go to their website and just simply check the colors they have, you might be able to find the one for you. 

Friday, October 06, 2017

How Plumbers Service Your Household Water Heater?

Your water heater is one of those appliances that is often overlooked until it's not working. Hot water for the dishes, laundry and showers is critical in most households. Fixing and maintaining the heater on a regular basis should be at the top of your priority list. Take a look at how plumbers service your water heater so that you're familiar with the process. A thorough evaluation several times a year wards of major repairs in most cases.

Draining the Vessel

One of the simplest tasks that plumbers complete upon their arrival is draining the water heater. This cylindrical tube holds gallons of water throughout its lifetime. As the hot water drains into your plumbing for use in various appliances, more water refills the cylindrical space. Draining and stopping the water flow into the vessel allows the professionals to inspect the entire system. With water constantly flowing otherwise, problems cannot be quickly diagnosed and resolved. Drainage normally occurs through a garden hose and into the exterior gutters for the fastest service.

Inspecting the Interior

One drainage hole may be the only way to see into the water heater's interior spaces. Your experienced plumber uses any openings into the vessel to see the interior walls. Using a flashlight to see the interior is a common technique, but other plumbers may use small cameras to see the vessel's saturated section too. They're looking for any weak points, such as paint chipping off or outright rust. Deposits to the vessel's base can also indicate decline as the evaluation continues.

Verifying the Exterior's Structural Integrity

Your family may have great observational skills, but it's easy to overlook a few details on a water heater. Plumbers look for subtle changes to the vessel's exterior surfaces and seams. Tiny, water droplets and rusty areas mean that the vessel is declining at a rapid rate. Water is corrosive so it will eventually eat away at the cylinder. If the plumbers see obvious compromise to the vessel, they'll document the locations and discuss your options. Repairing leaks aren't always the best solution.

Checking Gas Connections

Your water heater can be supplied with either electrical or gas connections. If you have gas, verifying safe connections is part of any service call. The professionals observe and test the connections. Leaking gas can quickly become a problem if it goes unnoticed by the homeowners. Allow the professionals to tighten any connections so that leaks aren't part of your household. The experts replace any parts that are worn on the gas lines too. Containing this gas keeps the home safe from fire hazards.

Replacing Older Installations

After about 10 years, water heaters begin to show their age. Professional plumbers may suggest a brand-new installation at some point. Ideally, replace the vessel before it outright fails. A rush of hot water moving through your garage or other enclosed area creates a huge mess. New, water heaters will have better efficiency and a warranty period to make the replacement worth your time.

Narrow down your professional plumbers Dallas choices by verifying the company's license. The state of Texas requires license renewal every two years. With a valid license in place, you know that the workers are well versed in plumbing techniques. As a result, your water heater is in good hands with the experts.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Darien Lake Themed Park – Harvest Festival

I received these free tickets courtesy of US FAMILY BLOG. I am one of the mom blogger members and I’ve got the chance to get my family of 6 all free tickets. What’s even more fun is that we got to visit them during their Harvest Festival, sure we missed the water park, since they were already closed during this time of the season.  It was last yet, we never missed most of the rides at the park anyways, so it is still a win-win situation.

I have always gotten the tickets in the mail, however, this time of the year was different. They’ve got it dropped off at the Guest Relations office, in which I have never experienced before. Thought, there will be a long line, but it’s not. When we got there last September 24, 2017. There wasn’t a line at all. There were two opened windows and quickly went to get my free tickets. It was quick, just a little bit of verification and signature, they’ve got all 6 tickets printed.

Got to stop by quick at the restroom, since we have a long drive to get to the park. However, women’s restroom is out of order, therefore lucky men they’ve got the chance to pee right away.

Oh,  before that, we did miss the awesome band who was playing and welcoming us after we enter at the Entrance. I wonder what songs they were playing this time, though I can’t remember the last time.

So, the women proceed to find a bathroom before we start with the adventure of the what rides to try first. Since, I’ve been in the park many times now, I am very much familiar with where to find the nearest restroom. I would say, it’s clean and doesn’t smell gross.

( After the adult rides, we proceeded  to the Kiddie Rides where my kids did have fun)

Because we went there almost the last week before the park closed for the year, there were some of the rides that were no longer open, plus we didn’t maximize our time too since they are only open certain time of the day.

We drove almost 3 hours to get to the park, and so if we decided to come back next year? It will be best to be there during Summer and when all the rides are open.

Even though, we have limited time to enjoy the Darien Lake Park, all of us enjoyed the rides, the fun and the food that was there and open.

Oh, before I forget I like those van vendors that was parked that sells different food. Something that I look forward as I have seen them last year too.

(Don't we look sad for leaving the park? YES We are!!!)

We are all looking forward to the next year’s season, and when we will get a seasonal pass, this would even better as we can visit the park in anytime we wanted, plus we will save a lot.