Motherhood Stuffs

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Heart Shape Leche Flan

YES!!! I have finally made these delicious Leche Flan a famous dessert in the Philippines. It was one of those random days that I missed our Philippines Dish that I came up with the decision on making the sweet Leche Flan.

Because the ingredients are simple and I can easily find them all in my pantry and fridge. I never hesitated to make one.

Another family recipe that I can’t share with you, however, if you wish to cook Leche Flan, you can always count on Google’s search engine.

Making one is so easy and quick. Since I’ve been doing this for the past years, re-doing it over and over is easy piecey for me.

This is what came up and I’m glad I make it. Now, I will enjoy the taste of this sweet dessert that would remind me of my hometown. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I ordered my Christmas Cards at #Productreview

Again, I was truly delightful when my request for another kind of review of their product has been approved. I was enthusiastic to create my family Christmas Card through their website.

I worked with one of their products before and I am familiar with their website already. Though, the card might be having a little bit different features, yet I manage to create/personalized the cards I wanted for the incoming Christmas.

After I login, I looked at their cards and see some of the features they have. I have to admit they don’t have a lot of pattern, but still I find the one that I like to use. The designs they have been very simple, not much that I see that would catch my attention right away.
It is well handle...
Front and Back of the flat card I picked...
Just adore the nice Christmas Card with an envelope...
Uploading the pictures I pick into their website makes it easy, I have to say I never have any problem while I was using the website.  After I customize my work, it’s quick and easy to place my order too.

Now, I have to wait until Nov. 24th for my cards to be in my mailbox. I picked the standard shipping as I wasn’t in a hurry for my cards to arrive.

Shipment is on time, I love how I received my photo card on time and when I got it everything is great. I checked the flat cards they are fine, it also came with an envelope same counting as the cards.

The writing is vivid as well as the photos that I have picked. I’m very happy and satisfied with my photo card.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I love my Monkey Mat #productreview

Although Summer is officially over in our part of the earth, I am still gathering some new stuffs that I can use towards the next incoming summer. My family and I love to travel, go out picnic and sometimes just hang around outside our backyard, as well as to just hang out in the school field right next to our house.

I like to just sit and watch my children play, run and just do whatever they want to consume all those energetic body. But, it’s just hard to bring a folding chair with me all the time.

My second child is a handful and I need to keep up with him as he is always on the go. So, I grabbed the opportunity to try and test Monkey Mat as they were doing a promotion.

Checking the item online wasn’t the hard, there were only 2 colors that you can choose from. One is red and the other one is gray and I picked gray, although I love RED, however, I like the idea that gray makes dirt visible free.

It is very easy to carry with, love the kind of material that the product is made, also it is soft, very nice to feel when you are lying on it. Can be safely washed in a washing machine as well as it is easy to dry.

Because the storage is attached into the mat itself, there is no way that I will be misplacing it. Easy to open and to store and the strap is just sturdy.