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Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year, Welcome 2018

May this New Year will fill out us all another wonderful memories and to be able to help us makes our dreams come true. From Motherhood Stuffs blog would like to wish every single readers, passers and random viewers a ............... Because you are very very important to me, and I would like to ensure you that you are also being greeted. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Went back to the BIG FLEA MARKET

It was one early morning, when the my sister, her friend, my niece and aunt decided to go for a walk towards the Flea Market to buy some fresh and good fruits, vegetables and meats.

We were there about time, yet we already missed some of the good ones as they were all sold out too fast. You can see the difference of the scenery from the early in the morning to the sun is up.

It was very crowded and if you aren’t that type of person who can handle too many people, the flea market in Gensan is not for you.  It was a fun experience once again, it is like during my younger days when my Mama used to bring us with her to go to the flea market so just she can buy those cheap fresh fruits and vegetables and meat and even bargain with them.

I never liked it, because it was too crowded, people are just everywhere and you need to carry all these stuff with you also. If you go to the wet market in which all the fresh seafoods are, don’t expect that your slipper won’t ever get wet because it will.

Now, it seems like I became a young child once again, except that we didn’t have Mama with us. But it was fun to go back with her too, that one afternoon when I told her that I would love to eat dried fish, and she actually find the “hipon” a very tiny shrimp that she sauté with pork and tomatoes, in which she planned on making one so I can bring it with me in the US.

The experience all over again is amazing, I love to take my children into these place once they are all grown up, just to see and to experience what I have been during my youthful years. 

Monday, December 04, 2017

Watch Ya Mouth ThrowDown Edition Game

I was very excited that I was able to get the opportunity to receive and review the New and fun Watch Ya Mouth Game. It is for ages 8 and above that need 4 or more people play the game.

 I got the game in the mail faster and the shipment was amazing. I don’t see any signs of damage that I was able to open and examine further what is the sequence of the game right away.

All the parts of the game are complete, except for the challenges that needs to be done. You need to make sure that you will have cups, tissues, papers and more to perform that test. As for our familiarity, we didn’t know about the challenges until we actually started the amusement, pulled the Throwdown cards and played the game. And every Throwdown has to stop and get the things that is needed for the challenge.

The instructions are a little bit confusing because there weren’t enough details or specific rules to make and even though that it was stated on the manual, players need to come up with their decisions about the challenge.

It was really enjoyable, my 7 years old understands each instruction and you truly drool because of the mouthpiece. It was fascinating, and each challenge also ends quickly. Depends on how the players cooperate. There are phrases are amusing to say and there were hard and easy to verbalize. It’s hilarious too when you have on the mouthpiece. Although, at first it is uncomfortable to wear, yet, in the long run you will get used to it.

We only have 4 rounds because we did have one player who actually get more Throwdown cards. And that was the end of the game. It takes an hour or so to take part in the whole game, especially when you don’t have all the things that you need for the challenge. Other than that, this is one family game to have.

Definitely, will play this game again and this time. I will be able to gather all the things needed for the match. This is perfect for a Holiday Gift idea to give to those family or friends who loves games.